Our Chapter Meetings, Workshops and website are made possible through the support of our Sponsors.  Thank you to our past, present and future Sponsors!

Meeting and Workshop sponsorship provides a great opportunity for Sponsors to address our credit unions directly.  On average, we have between 50-70 people attending our Chapter Meetings and between 20-40 attending our Chapter Workshops.  Attendees have ranged from front-line staff all the way up to credit union CEOs.

Below are our variety of sponsorship opportunities offered to eligible organizations.  To become a Sponsor or to get more information, please contact us.

Prize Donation Sponsor

We accept donations valued at $25 or more which we then offer as prizes to Meeting and Workshop attendees.  Prizes are awarded based on a random draw method.  Examples of the donations we accept include items such as gift cards, goodie baskets, small electronic items, movie tickets, etc.

Prior to drawing for a winner we will acknowledge and give thanks to your organization for donating the prize

Meeting or Workshop Sponsor

To ensure your message does not get lost in the crowd, we have a two-sponsor limit for each Chapter Meeting and a one-sponsor limit for each Chapter Workshop.  Your contribution cost includes the following:

Meeting Sponsor contribution cost is $399
Workshop Sponsor contribution cost is $199

Dinner for two at the sponsored Meeting
Breakfast for two at the sponsored Workshop

Opportunity to give away a door prize to attendees

Opportunity to be a Speaker and/or show a
presentation for approximately 5 minutes

Opportunity to have a presentation table at the meeting

Opportunity to pass out informational flyers

Your name, logo and recognition that you are a Sponsor appears on any handouts or notifications provided to credit unions regarding the sponsored Meeting or Workshop

Your name, logo, motto and a link to your website will appear on our website in the Sponsorship section of the sponsored Meeting or Workshop page

Website Sponsor

Our website sponsors help our volunteer web designer to offset some of the costs associated with hosting and running our website.  Our website is not only used to provide information to our Chapter credit unions, but also to their members and others regarding our events, scholarships, or resources.

$60 annually for a Logo button with an embedded link that appears on the bottom menu area of our RCCU web pages.

$120 annually for: (1) a web page on the RCCU website dedicated specifically to your organization; (2) displaying your name, motto, and logo in our Sponsor drop-down Menu; and, (3) a Logo button with an embedded link appears on the bottom menu area of each RCCU web page.