Each year the Richmond Chapter of Credit Union awards two deserving students a scholarship for college, technical, or trade school enrollment on the basis of merit and not financial need.  We extend our thanks to our Scholarship Committee for their commitment to this committee.  Following is a list of our recent scholarship recipients.

Year and Scholarship Awarded

Student's Name

2019 - Eugene H Farley, Jr

Virginia Josephine Rao

2019 - Richmond Chapter of CU

Grace Quinn Goodpasture

2018 - Eugene H Farley, Jr

Dakota Wade Jennings

2018 - Richmond Chapter of CU

Kevin Richard Jurewicz

2017 - Eugene H Farley, Jr

Bradley Mark Atkinson

2017 - Richmond Chapter of CU

Kyle Margeson

2016 - Eugene H Farley, Jr

Austin Waters Wingfield Thomas

2016 - Richmond Chapter of CU

Walker James Wilson

2015 - Eugene H Farley, Jr

Bryce Andrew Santiago Badura

2015 - Richmond Chapter of CU

Morgan Esther Hunt

2014 - Eugene H Farley, Jr

Kathleen Lucille Stevens

2014 - Richmond Chapter of CU

Jessica Marie Liddle

2013 - Eugene H Farley, Jr

Sarah Toney

2013 - Richmond Chapter of CU

Julia Gallini